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Other manufacturers

BREZENTOVI IZDELIA D (Canvas Products) - The company manufactures and installs items made of synthetic canvas and polymer materials: universal covers for trucks and railway cars, collapsible containers for transportation and storage of loose loads, fencing and trawls for localization and disposal of pollutants from water reservoirs, multipurpose tents, etc.

Tsar Samuil Village
7640 Toutrakan Municipality
l./Fax: +359 2/853 5214
-mail: brezentovi@abv.bg

KHAN KOUBRAT D - The general activity of the Khan Koubrat plant is concentrated in three major areas: a complete manufacturing line for bread-making equipment for bakeries; manufacturing machines for plant protection: tank sprayers, tractor mounted sprayers and non-standard production.

770, Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd., 7300 Koubrat
.: +359 838 72156; +359 8387283
Fax: +359 838 2/72027
e-mail: office@hankubrat.com

Karnota D – Its general activity is meat production and processing.

Industrial Zone

AHINORA D - The company produces women’s, men’s and teenage clothes, as well as casual and sports trousers. It also makes garments out of materials partially or fully supplied by customers in France, Italy and The Netherlands. The qualification of its personnel and the capacity of the new production facilities guarantee the high quality and the steadily increased productivity.

3, Ahinora Street, 7400 Isperih
l. +359 8331 2156
Fax: +359 8331 4695
e-mail: ahinora@veltrade.net