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Nonbanking financial institutions

ZK LEV INS AD - Insurance Company Lev Ins is one of the first fully privately owned insurance companies in Bulgaria. Insurance Company Lev Ins offers complete range of insurance products and services in the field of general insurance. The company is a leader in the process of introducing and endorsing new trends in the insurance sector and high standards in insurance services. Its security and risk prevention system is unique for Bulgarian insurance market. The insurance portfolio is well balanced and oriented towards products that are traditional to the company, e.g., Casco Insurance, Third Party Liability Insurance, Property Insurance, as well as new products on the Bulgarian market, e.g., Financial Risks and Liabilities. It is the first company in Bulgaria covering the risk of terrorism. Lev Ins is leading in Third Party Liability Insurance and is absolute market leader in products covering financial risk

Blvd “Cherni vrah” 51D
tel.: 0800 15 333
fax: 359 2 952 24 81
e-mail: info@lev-ins.com

THE PENSION INSURANCE INSTITUTE ÀD - is a newly established pension company which provides additional pension insurance. The pension products offered on a dynamic and competitive market are: insurance in the mandatory universal and professional pension funds, as well as in a voluntary pension fund.

Sofia, Blvd “Cherni vrah” 51D
tel. 359 (02) 80-55-308; (02) 80-55-383;
fax. 359 (02) 80-55-308
e-mail: head@pensionins.com

THE HEALTH INSURANCE INSTITUTE ÀD - is a fast-growing company for voluntary health insurance in Bulgaria. The company offers comprehensive medical solutions and a whole range of medical services for individual and group voluntary insurance of persons aged 0-65. The majority shareholder of the company is ZPK Lev Ins AD. The Bulgarian Red Cross is another shareholder. The Health Insurance Institute AD works in collaboration with more than 300 medical facilities in Bulgaria.

Sofia, Blvd “Cherni vrah” 51D
tel. 359 (02) 80 55 302 , (02) 80 55 380
fax. 359 (02) 805 53 85
e-mail: info@zoibg.com

LIFE INSURANCE INSTITUTE ÀD - offers flexible products on the Bulgarian insurance market, combining insurance coverage against a number of risks for the life and health of the insurant with saving, as the company guarantees the insurance sum, the saving sum and the interest rate by which it increases annually the saving sum of the long-term life insurance.

Sofia, Blvd “Cherni vrah” 51D
tel: +359 2/805 53 88
fax: +359 2/805 53 89
e-mail: office@jzibg.com

ÀS – BG ÅÎÎD – is an insurance broker for all kinds of insurance.

Sofia, 23, Zhitnitsa str.
e-mail: pnikolov@lev-ins.com

IP FACTORI ÀD - is an investment broker. It issues and trades in securities, conducts research analyses and forecasts in connection with securities transactions, prepares trade offers, repo agreements, trades in compensation instruments. The company also prepares buyout and merger investment projects. Together with the clients it develops prospectuses for public trading on the stock market of new emissions of bonds and shares, with a view to increasing the capital and funding the companies’ activities.

Sofia, 1784
12, “Mihail Tenev” str. Business Center Evrotur
tel: + 359 2 4001 500, 4001 501
e-mail: factory@abv.bg