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Transport and logistics

褹XI C 臱PRESS 繢 - is a shareholding company operating in Sofia. Its general activity is passenger taxi transfer services, emergency aid, car rental, car maintenance and trading in spare parts, fuels and lubricants in the country and abroad.

23, Zhitnitsa Street, Sofia
义l.: +359 2/855 60 12/13
Fax: +359 2/855 50 04
e-mail: taxi_expres@abv.bg

VIT AVTOTRANSPORT 繢 - Specializes in automobile transfers of passengers and goods in the country and abroad, vehicle maintenance and repair, loading and unloading of goods, shipping and trading in the country and abroad.

3, Borovets Street, Teteven
义l.: +359 678/2514
e-mail: vit.avto@mail.bg

KAILAKA RESOURCE 繢 - Its general activity is renting out warehouse premises and transportation. It trades in and acts as an agent for a wide range of products for the construction and manufacturing industry, transport and household goods.

26, Balgarska Aviatsia Blvd.
5800 Pleven Zapadna industrialna zona
义l.: +359 64 680 781
F鄕: +359 64 680 133
e-mail: ka_resource@abv.bg

TARGOVIA LOVETCH 挝D - 翴ts general activity is renting warehouse and commercial premises. The company is a commodity exchange licensed by the State Committee for Commodity Exchanges and Marketplaces with the Council of Ministers.

35, Stara Planina Street, P.O.B. 335
5500 Lovech
义l.: +359 68/603125; 68/603127
Fax: +359 68/603127
e–mail: st_market@mbox.is-bg.net

D繮 ELHOVO 繢 – A company for freight and bus transport. It carries out the annual technical overhaul of motor vehicles, transfer of traditional loads and agricultural produce, bulk materials and goods, and trades in petrol products.

Address: 161, Targovska Street
8700 Elhovo, Yambol District
义l.+359 0478/88201; +359 887334583