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Food industry

LCS D - has proven its leadership position in Bulgarian aviation catering. The company has its own know-how, modern management and flexible marketing policy. LCS has modern production facilities, up-to-date technical equipment and a highly qualified team of specialists. The company guarantees high quality food production and delivery. It organizes and services aviation, corporate and party catering. It owns a license to operate the ground servicing of the airports in Sofia and Plovdiv, issued by the Ministry of Transport; a Certificate of the International Quality Management System ISO 2200:2005 and the Hazard Analysis and Control of Critical Points System (HACCP), and a credit rating Certificate issued by the National Credit Rating Agency.

Address :
1, Bryuksel Blvd,
Sofia 1540 (Sofia Airport)
l./Fx: +359 2/945 90 13;
Tel.: +359 2/945 93 30

ECOBALKAN D - The companys general activities are in the production of milk and dairy products. The Teteven Dairy specializes in the production of yellow and feta cheese, cheese spreads and curd. The best production practices are implemented, as well as the HACCP system for quality control. The products of the milk processing factory in Teteven are well known on the Bulgarian market. There is a processing facility for the Margarita fresh steamed Mozzarella-type cheese and whole-milk curd, as well as a bread-making facility for pastry (mainly for production of 30 to 100-gram rolls).

138, Evropa Blvd., Sofia
l.: +359 2/8266416
Fax: +359 2/8266416
e-mail: ekobalkan@abv.bg

Tel. +359 678/ 25 80; +359 678/ 37 20

Bulgartsvet Elin Pelin JSC is established in 1962.
Production of cut blossom, bulbs, cuttings and other seeding material.
More than half a century history.

Elin Pelin 2100
29, Vitosha str.
e-mail: bulgar_cvet@abv.bg