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Varna Beach Soccer International Cup 2017

In Sofia opened doors the new shop of "Ecobalkan", on 7 Tsar Samuil str.

Active care insurance - for your life

Eko Balkan gained new gold medal and a Diplom

“Ecobalkan” opened a second shop in Sofia

Taxi S Express started the implementation of the project

Eko Balkan gained a gold medal and a Diplom

„Arte Italiana”on STROIKO 2000

“Ekobalkan” with a brand shop in Sofia

Newly opened restaurant of “L.C.S.”

„L.C.S.“ with first gourmet shop

“Buk Teteven”, “Harmoniq TM” and “Pela” took part in the implementation of projects under OP “Rural Development 2007-2013”

„L.C.S.”and “IKEA”

“Taxi S Express” drivers become paramedics

Lev Corporation Holding Picks Up Speed

Lev Corporation Holding Picks Up Speed

Do you know, these days there’s plenty of parking space in the car park of the block of flats where I live. Before, parking was a problem. This is a sign that Bulgaria’s economy is coming to life, people have jobs,” reasons the eminent business consultant Stanislas Geens.

He’s been back in Bulgaria since 1 January 2006, this time as President of Lev Corporation. The contacts of Mr Geens, who has consulted Coquril – part of the Arcelor giant, for 8 years, with Bulgarian business circles date back 20 years. At that time, he helped with his experience in the area of computers and telecommunications. As an engineer, Mr Geens has also co-operated with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.


After 1989, Bulgaria’s economic potential plummeted and many interesting initiatives were thwarted, says the expert. According to him, the main problem now, as it was then, is the lack of good management. There are top quality Bulgarian engineers in other areas, but no one is available to create the necessary organisation, Geens stated. He defines 1998 as a key year for Bulgarian business. At that time, investors from Germany, France and the Scandinavian countries first showed interest in the Bulgarian market.

Human Resources

I have met many talented Bulgarian managers, but unfortunately they work abroad, because they don’t think Bulgaria has enough career growth potential to offer. That’s why the biggest profits in Bulgaria go to foreign entrepreneurs, who take advantage of the cheap work force and consumables, and also of the widespread custom not to observe the law, Geens added.

The Future

True competition is still to come.
When the country joins the EU, investment in the Bulgarian economy will increase. But that will create a different problem – large western companies will take the opportunity of the open borders to enter the Bulgarian market. Your companies are not ready for such competition. Bulgaria will need resourceful and capable entrepreneurs to be able to cope with this challenge. Tourism is one of the strongest sectors of Bulgarian economy. However, in order to make it sufficiently profitable, special attention must be paid to ecology. Lev Corporation is in the process of negotiations with the transnational Flemish corporation SKG, which specialises in waste processing and water treatment. A partnership with SKG would result in building the waste processing plant.
Stanislas Geens